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Art and Recreation in Downtown Wausau

Whether it was to take in a concert, enjoy a parade, or to do some shopping: these are the stories that show how the people of Wausau have enjoyed themselves downtown.

Alexandria's Civil War Hospitals

Alexandria was occupied by Union troops throughout the Civil War serving primarily as a logistics and hospital center. The Union Army established over 30 hospitals which treated both Union and Confederate soldiers as well as freed slaves, who were referred to as contrabands. Many of the hospitals were set up in existing large public buildings and homes. Many are still standing. You can take a leisurely stroll through Old Town’s interesting streets to see them as they are today and to learn a little of their history. More information about and images of these and other nearby hospitals including stories and first hand accounts from the nurses, doctors, patients, and visitors to Union hospitals can be found at the DIG DEEPER buttons on each of the individual posts.

AMPLIFIED: Chicago Blues

This goes in tandem with our blues exhibit.

Adrenaline Junkies Unite

There are some activities that get you excited, and there are some that make your heart jump right out of your chest. Sometimes, walking around museums just isn’t your cup of tea. If you’re the type of person who enjoys thrilling adventures, test your limit with these extreme adrenaline-pumping activities.

Professional Theatres

Experience professional theatre in the second largest theatre city in the U.S.

Best Ice Cream Shops

Hungry for something sweet? Look no further than one of the many ice cream parlors Chicago has to offer.

Ethnic Museums of Chicago

Chicago is a melting pot, and there’s no better place to explore its history and the key role immigrants have played than the city’s fascinating ethnic museums. From Swedish settlers who came over on steamships to Mexican immigrants who infused the city with their vibrant arts and heritage, you’ll discover that Chicago’s tapestry is woven with many colorful cultures. (Adapted from Choose Chicago Blog Post)

Best Coffee spots in Wicker Park

When strolling through this hipster neighborhood, stop by these unique coffee shops for a break in your day.

Best Comedy Spots

Explore comedy in the prime comedy city in the country, but don’t get settle for only Second City.

Black Box Theaters

Chicago is a city beaming with theatrical art. Beyond the professional theaters of the city lie dozens of storefront theaters that offer a more close-up experience for audience members.

George C. Marshall Walking Tour

Walk in the steps of Marshall!

George C. Marshall Museum & Library

George C. Marshall: He won the war. He won the peace. Learn about the man known as World War II's "Organizer of Victory," and Nobel Peace Prize winner for the Marshall Plan. Marshall is the Virginia Military Institute's most famous graduate (Class of 1901) and its only five-star general. The independent, non-profit George C. Marshall Foundation preserves and perpetuates Marshall's legacy through the George C. Marshall Museum & Library and offers a wide range of programming and resources for use by the general public, amateur historians, scholars and students of all ages. We are located on the Parade Ground at VMI.

Breweries in Chicago

You may have known that Chicago is a beer city but did you know the Windy City is home to many breweries? Time to get some fresh brewed beer!


One of Chicago's most beloved far-North neighborhood has some of the most breathtaking attractions to visit. From the exciting nature trails to spending a day at Ardmore Hollywood Beach, playing in the sand and sun, there's a story behind each place – you just have to read about it before you can believe it.

Lincoln Park

The park for which this historic neighborhood is named spans 1,208 acres and is riddled with family-friendly activities.

Historic Barns of Washtenaw County

Washtenaw County remains unique in southeast Michigan for its blend of urban centers and rural spaces. Explore a variety of interesting 19th and early-20th century barns in southeast Washtenaw County, many still in use on active farms.

Fall in Saugatuck

In the season of hot drinks, beautiful colors, and warm family gatherings, you might think nothing can make autumn more special. But you haven't been to Saugatuck.

Virginia Military Institute

In 1818 the Lexington Arsenal was created in Lexington, Virginia to store weapons intended for use by the state militia. In 1839 the Virginia Military Institute was founded as the first state-supported military college in the nation. Small at first, the institute grew and is currently home to approximately 1,700 cadets. VMI offers four year undergraduate degree programs in liberal arts, science, engineering, and social sciences requiring its students to maintain an academically and physically rigorous schedule that is intended to prepare them for roles as citizen soldiers.

Stonewall Jackson House

Come experience family life on the eve of the American Civil War as you explore the finely preserved home and garden of Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, the man who became a legend.