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Minnesota Fall Hikes

Looking for a great place to hike in Minnesota this fall? While there are hundreds of wonderful options, these trails stand out for their natural beauty, wide range of scenery and fantastic fall color. From the northeast corner to the southern border, these trails are the perfect places to enjoy nature and get some exercise in the great outdoors. Plan your trip to visit one or all this fall, and find places to stay and other things to do to round out your getaway. [Cover image: @youreseethrough on Instagram]

Explore Nicollet Architecture

This 13-stop tour, with accompanying photographs, weaves together the stories of Nicollet Mall’s significant buildings, architectural features and the people who created them.

A tour of the 100 Street Funicular

The river valley is a beautiful place, but there’s challenges getting to it and enjoying it. The Funicular project is an attempt to overcome accessibility challenges by connecting downtown Edmonton and the people who live there to the Edmonton River Valley. For the design team, the project began as a functional exercise, how do you get from point A to point B, driven from more of a technical point of view. Working closely with the City of Edmonton allowed the project team to expand the initial focus of the project, that was centered on infrastructure, and become a Design and Public Realm exercise. The final design presents a linear park or an installation that exists as a series of moments. The original project intended to remove the original stairs, but the bus stop at the bottom on Grierson Hill road was an important connection, and so in the vein of connectivity and offering alternative modes of transportation, the team decided to maintain access to transit. The project also connects to the Shaw Conference Centre. Dialog was brought on to create an original concept design. The city’s approach to the Funicular project is that it is faze one of a mechanized approach to the river valley across the city. There has been talks of connecting Old Strathcona to the Kinsmen grounds as one of the other potential locations, as a southern counterpart to the downtown Funicular. The current funicular will be studied and assessed, to ensure that it is being used and is achieving its vision and objective.

Inner Harbor Spirit Sightseeing Cruises

Join the shipmates from Entertainment Cruises', Friday-Sunday and other select dates, March through October for a 60-minute, narrated and sightseeing tour from Baltimore's famed Inner Harbor. You'll be able to kick back and relax as you take in the sites and enjoy an enriched exploration of Baltimore's history. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Along the cruise, you'll be able to get a soft-drink, beer or cocktail and enjoy some snacks from our concessions stand.

Beyond McCormick Square

Explore the diverse culture and incredible food that awaits in the neighborhoods surrounding McCormick Square. From Chinatown to Bronzeville, the South Loop and Pullman to the Mag Mile, there's so much to do an explore in McCormick Square's backyard.

Museums for Miles

Learn a thing to two when you visit these world-class museums. Close to McCormick Square, only in Chicago! (Cover photo credit: lifeviachicago via Instagram)

Explore McCormick Square

Talk about being in the center of it all. With unparalleled access to concerts, sports, conventions, dining, culture, and nightlife, there's always something exciting happening in the McCormick Square neighborhood. Come stay and play at one of our nearby hotels—we're always right where you want to be in Chicago. See what all the buzz is about at McCormick Square: A new community, a new vision. (Cover photo from loryn0127 via Instagram)

Explore Science in Tucson

With two America's largest astronomical observatories, the world's only Biosphere, and a vast collection of historic aircraft, Tucson is still a pioneer town, but now we mine cutting-edge knowledge instead of ore.

Eclectic & Historic Downtown Nashville

Visit some Nashville historic locations that encompass the city's eclectic character, from former saloons, gambling halls, feed stores, and Tennessee's first indoor mall to the "Mother Church of Country Music."

Historic Sites in Metro Parks

There's a plethora of history waiting to be discovered in Nashville parks. Visit a full-scale replica of the Parthenon. One of the oldest antebellum country homes dating back to the early 1800s. The site where the Union built a huge fortification after Nashville was captured during the Civil War. A Colonial Revival mansion listed on the National Register of Historic Places. And much, much more!

The Presidio

Dive into Arizona's history and culture on a food and history journey through the historic Presidio District of Downtown Tucson.

Big Bull Falls: Historic Downtown Wausau

When George Stevens came to Big Bull Falls and settled on the east side of the Wisconsin River, little did he know that this ground would grow into a city, and this city would come to be called downtown Wausau. And that this downtown would bring together and hold spiritual, civic, cultural, commercial, medical, educational, and residential life o the area to this day. It was the center of Wausau, from where all growth would spread: to the south, to the north, and across the rickety bridges to the west side. The downtown is still alive with evidence of that vibrant history.

City of Milwaukee Landmarks Tour

Step back in time and take a journey into the history of the City of Milwaukee, landmark by landmark.

Finding the Best Slice

Chicago is best known for introducing the world to Deep Dish and we have the owner of Pizzeria Uno to thank for that. Find the perfect slice at these restaurants.

Grand Rapids Art Museum

Connecting people through art, creativity, and design,

East Main Street Walking Tour, Christiansburg, VA

The East Main Street Historic District showcases the expansion of Christiansburg's upper middle class residential section during the 1890-1940 period. Business people and professionals built houses here in a variety of common styles such as Queen Anne, Colonial Revival and Craftsman.

Dublin, Ohio, USA Historic Walking Tour

Welcome to the Dublin, Ohio, USA Historic Walking Tour! Come travel back in time to learn about the location of the first settlers to the area. In 1808, John Sells brought his family to the region, and by 1810 he had begun to survey lots for the new village with his partner, an Irish gentleman named John Shields. According to historians, Shields is responsible for naming the town after his birthplace: "If I have the honor conferred upon me to name your village, with the brightness of the morn, and the beaming of the sun on the hills and dales surrounding this beautiful valley, it would give me great pleasure to name your new town after my birthplace, Dublin, Ireland."

Odyssey Chicago River

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